Friday, February 1, 2008

More snow, and mosque & temple cont.

Schools are closed again today, and all three kids are happily playing in the mounds of snow in our yard. I was surprised schools were closed. It was really snowy and windy yesterday, but it had stopped before I went to bed and I assumed roads would be clear by this morning. Maybe they don't plow roads at night here? I really don't know. The whole snowplowing issue is bizarre. This is a small town, smaller than I have lived in before, but because it is rural there are miles of country roads outside the town center. I know the city has two snowplows, but I have never actually seen one of them. I know our street was plowed once at least, because the plow left a wall of snow in front of our driveway. The university never closes, but we live within walking distance so there's no problem for B getting to work.


Kristin in Abu Dhabi has some great photos and layouts of her visit to the Grand Mosque. I love her digital scrapbooking designs.

The temple dedication has been postponed to Sunday Feb. 10th, because of President Hinckley's funeral tomorrow. The cultural celebration will be next week, Feb. 9th. Hopefully I'll get some photos. I've gone to all the rehearsals with K, and it is a fun and moving tribute to the pioneers and local residents, and a celebration of the progress that has been made here over the years through their efforts.


Amira said...

Nope, they don't really plow much. We were there during a pretty light winter so it wasn't a problem, but you've got lots more snow this winter, based on what we saw last weekend.

I was wondering if they had sealings scheduled for this next week that couldn't take place now.

mj said...

Yes, I read that there were five weddings scheduled for this week that have to be postponed or moved to a different temple now. One couple was planning on leaving for a service project in Ethiopia right after the wedding, but they've been able to rearrange their travel dates and everything seems to be working out.

Angela said...

We actually got tons of snow in St. George today. It was raining since last night, and then it turned into a full-fledged storm. When we left Mom and Dad's house this evening, Dan had to remove the slush down the sidewalk, and it was a winter wonderland on the trees and the red cliffs. We'd like to see pics of the cultural celebration later.