Friday, February 15, 2008

Road trips, ABCs and 123s

Muscat Beach, Oman, June 2006

A year and a half ago, we went on a road trip through Oman with some friends from Abu Dhabi. It was hot, but it was really fun--we saw some amazing things, from nesting sea turtles to centuries-old forts and palaces.

Somewhere along the way, our friends let us borrow a CD of theirs: Here Come The ABCs by They Might Be Giants.

We loved it. I can't say for sure that it helped S learn her ABCs, but she did learn that "C is for Conifer" and what a conifer is--not a bad thing, right? The older kids enjoyed the music very much--it's witty, fun and energetic, and great for traveling. C soon had "Alphabet of Nations" memorized, learning the names of several new-to-him countries in the process, and was singing it long after we had returned the CD.

Well, TMBG has now released Here Come The 123s, and I knew we'd enjoy this album as much as the ABCs. In fact, now that we've listened to it, I think it's better in some ways.

Songs include "Infinity," "Nonagon," and "Triops Has Three Eyes"--so it's a lot more than songs about numbers. Each album also has a bonus DVD available, with music videos to accompany the songs on the CD.

I think it's perfect that TMBG have started making albums specifically for children--their music has always had a certain quality of silliness to it, while at the same time giving you something to think about.

If you like it, definitely take one of their albums on your next road trip!

Ras al Jinz, Oman, June 2006


Kristin said...

We love TMBG! You should check out their weekly family podcasts on itunes. you can view free videos of their songs from these kid albums, along with other songs. Pretty fun. Our fave for now is the monkey song.

Angela said...

We're glad you gave us the ABCs CD; the kids seem mesmerized by the songs. We'll have to check out the 123s CD too. Btw, how cool that you've been to Oman!

mj said...

Thanks, Kristin, we'll have to check out the monkey song.

Angela--your kids might appreciate the music a little more when they're older, too. K and C laugh at the funny/silly things in the songs, or comment about the interesting ideas, which are sometimes over S's head. (She loves to sing the "I never go to work" song, though.)

Kristin said...

By the way, that top pic of the sunset in Oman is one of my favorite pictures. So cool, especially with the trio of men in dishdashas in the corner.