Thursday, March 13, 2008

Keeping busy

The kids have been busy doing their things, as usual...

K always has lots of homework--too much homework for my taste. I don't even remember having homework when I was in 5th grade. But, I can't complain about the curriculum. She enjoys school and is getting a lot out of it. Her favorite assignments are the creative projects. Here she is making a model of a Neon atom.

C is not burdened with too much homework yet, thankfully, so he has more time to do his own things. He has been experimenting with the digital camera lately and loves it. This is the kind of thing we find on the camera after he's been using it.

S keeps herself busy doing all kinds of things. Lately she loves using watercolors. Every day she asks if she can paint, and she is getting more creative.

B is busy with work and other fun stuff. (Check out his photo on the cover of January's Geology magazine!)

I finally finished turning my Goodbye Al Ain post into a photo book. I used to make an 8x8 inch hardcover storybook, and I'm happy with how it turned out. I added a lot of photos and changed a couple of words from the original post. Big thanks to Bss and Brn for letting me use some of their photos of the roundabouts and mosques of Al Ain!


Kristin said...

B's cover photo is gorgeous. Congrats to him for being published! What a great idea to put your goodbye blog in a photo book. Is there a digital version at shutterfly that I can look at?

Amira said...

C's pictures look a lot like the pictures we find on our camera too. :)

And I love what you've done with the Al Ain blog.

mj said...

Kristin, I'll email you a link to the digital version. Anyone else interested just let me know and I'll email it to you. I don't want to post the link here, and I'm not putting it in the shutterfly gallery, because there are photos of friends who may not want to be online for the world to see. (Kristin, you'll see a couple of your girls in a small photo with K at the camel souq.)

It's nothing fancy--I tried to keep it simple, in keeping with the Goodnight Moon theme. Plain white backgrounds, no embellishments, just the photos and text. I just used the basic shutterfly studio software for the layout, so my options were limited by that too. I want to try something a little different for my future projects, though. I'm thinking a book of our Oman trip would be fun to do. :)

Angela said...

I really like the Subway photo Ben took -- we were there! Your books sounds like a fun project; could you email me the digital version? C's photo is great. I hope you do one about your trip to Oman too.

Kendra said...

Your kids are so creative! I love it!

Lucy said...

I really love the photos of the kids. They seem so natural and capture their personalities.