Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring approaching

Spring break for the two big kids was earlier this month. K decided she wanted to plan a spring party in honor of the occasion, and she busied herself with making invitations for each member of the family, making decorations, planning games and food, and making our home feel a bit more "spring-y" (since the weather was anything but...). She bought yellow roses with her own money for the party, and helped make all kinds of treats as well as butterfly-shaped sandwiches for the occasion. I'm not much of a party planner, so I don't know where she gets this from, but she loves to do things like this and her enthusiasm is infectious, especially to her brother and sister. It was fun for all of us, and made spring break enjoyable in spite of the awful weather we had that week.

We had the chance to watch C perform a play with his class at school last week. They put on Pirates from Grammar Island, and C was one of the pirate crew and a scout. He did a great job. He loves performing, especially when he gets to do or say something funny. He can be so serious sometimes, but in front of an audience he's a little ham. One minor glitch occurred when he noticed B taking his photo and smiled for the camera, forgetting where he was in the play for a minute. :)

S is now registered for kindergarten next fall. She needs to work on her ABCs though. I haven't been very diligent about working with her, unfortunately. Part of my problem is that C spoiled me. He learned his letters and numbers when he was 2, and taught himself to read when he was 4. So, I've been very laid back with S but she doesn't have the same innate interest in the alphabet that C had. But we've started working a little more seriously and I think she'll be ready. Here's a photo of some recent drawings she made. Until a couple months ago she would only draw what she called "supernovas," which were basically big scribbles that looked like supernovas. She wouldn't even try to draw anything else, saying she couldn't do it. Suddenly, over the last few weeks, she has begun drawing all sorts of things--turtles, people, trees, rain, sun, flowers, etc. I'm glad she's feeling confident enough to try some new things!

Before and after

February--even the seats of the swings were buried under snow.

April--we have our yard back!