Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Al Ain Birds

Because I'm missing Al Ain...

In Al Ain we had a flock of green parrots that visited our neighborhood every morning, perching under our roof tiles and making a lot of noise. (Alas, we took no photos of them.) We had a lot of unwanted pigeons behind our villa until B hung some green mesh from the garden souk down the back walls where they liked to perch.

Being an oasis, Al Ain has lots of interesting birds. (According to this website, "The United Arab Emirates has been acknowledged as one of the top four destinations in the whole of the Middle East for bird-watching tours." Here is a checklist of common species.) We never really tried to look for birds--we didn't have time for that--but we did see some beautiful (unknown) birds around town occasionally. Of course, there were lots of trained falcons too:

Preschoolers meeting a falcon in Al Ain, Jan. 2007

Another trained falcon on display in Al Ain, Jan. 2007

They didn't give me any protection for my arm--I guess the owner/trainer knew I wouldn't get scratched or clawed? (He was wearing a gauntlet, though.)


Lucy said...

I am surprised to learn there were flocks of parrots in the UAE. I would have assumed they were only tropical birds. What interesting experiences you all had.

mj said...

Well, I don't think the parrots are indigenous, but the warm climate works for them. :)