Sunday, June 29, 2008


Momotombo Volcano, Nicaragua

B is a volcanologist (among other things), so we're all big fans of volcanoes at our house.

The Middle East doesn't have a lot in the way of active volcanoes, but Al Ain still had a shop called Volcano Pastries and Cafeteria, so of course we had to try it out!

Idaho has a lot of volcanic history. (In fact, we're living on an extinct volcano right now.) There's no Volcano Pastries shop, but we found something else to make up for it. The Volcanic Farms stand! (The strawberries were really good.)


Amira said...

We loved the extinct volcanoes. Have you been to that great rest stop in Idaho with all the geological stuff? We love to stop there.

Lucy said...

Very interesting connections.

mj said...

We've only stopped at that rest stop once, and only one of our kids was with us--we really need to stop there again!