Friday, August 22, 2008

Glimpses of Iceland

Hekla volcano

B is enjoying his conference and field trips immensely. His camera isn't talking to his laptop right now, but he sent a few pics taken by a fellow traveler.

B and glacier

Iceland sits on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and this is the rift valley that is part of it.

More to come later...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Florence's Exquisite Candies

B had to leave early this morning for a 10-day trip to Iceland, so yesterday we decided to have some fun before he left. We took the kids to what we call "the chocolate factory," a local candy shop called Florence's Exquisite Candies.

We each picked out some goodies to take home, and we were able to watch some candy being made (hand-dipped chocolates!)

This shop has been here for many years, and the chocolate and other handmade treats really are delicious. I can't wait to go back for more!

Monday, August 11, 2008

More baby N

N is 5 weeks old already... amazing.

She smiles a lot--in her sleep and awake. She definitely started smiling and cooing earlier and more often than my other babies. The big kids are so delighted when she smiles or "talks" to them.

Here she is on her first walk to the park, riding in the new all-terrain stroller we won from Alpha Mom (thanks, Alpha Mom!). I can't wait to start walking with her more--I've been inside too much lately and need to get out!

Our summer, continued

Last summer was so hectic for all of us with traveling, moving, working, visiting, etc., that we've enjoyed taking this summer easy. B has had field trips, to Grand Canyon and Hawaii, and will be going away for a conference later this month, but the kids and I are enjoying our summer here in Idaho.

C finished a community golf class (despite the first two classes in June being canceled for snow and hail!). Golf is one of his favorite games, and since neither B nor I golf, we are completely relying on others to help him learn to play. I wish we could help him with this ourselves (maybe someday?), but he enjoyed the community class.

We have our first vegetable garden growing in the backyard, which has been fun. (We grew a couple of banana trees in Al Ain, but weren't there long enough to see them produce bananas--the summers were a little too hot even for them, I think.) We've already harvested some peas, and look forward to some corn and pumpkins in a few weeks!

The kids have also enjoyed the Nature Park:

We have just over a week until school starts, but we're going to enjoy this warm weather for as long as we can...