Saturday, September 20, 2008

Painted animals

In the UAE we had painted camels...

(Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi)

and falcons...


and more camels...

(Al Ain)

Here in the Wild West we have painted bison...

(West Yellowstone, Montana)

Yellowstone 2008

We finally made it to Yellowstone this year over Labor Day weekend. We only spent one day, but it was fun.

It was crowded, since it was a holiday weekend, and a lot hotter than we expected, and windy, but in spite of all that we enjoyed it. I got sunburned, though--why is it that I always forget sunscreen and hats here? They were a must-have in the UAE; I guess I should make them a must-have here too. (Luckily, I brought the baby's hat.)

I look forward to going back next year when N is a little older.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Early fall

(Photos taken by B.)

Monday, September 8, 2008


B was extremely lucky to have mostly sunny days while he was there--very rare!

I love the old-fashioned drinking fountain on this building.

Reykjavík doesn't get very warm in the summer, but their winters are milder than here in Eastern Idaho. The lack of sunlight in winter would be hard for me. Still, I'd love the chance to go someday...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

More Iceland

B is back, and I finally had some time to look through all his photos from the trip. Iceland really looks like an amazing place. B will be posting geologic photos to a new blog he is getting ready, but I'm still posting some of his photos here.

Doesn't this look like an Icelandic troll coming up out of the moss-covered lava field?

Here you can see lava formations sticking out of the water right along the mid-atlantic ridge as it approaches the island.

One of many glaciers.

Icelandic horse.

Icelandic sheep.

Geysir--the oldest known geyser.

A few people hoping to see Geysir erupt (good luck!).

Strokkur is a lot more reliable.

What a beautiful place! I'm glad B had the chance to go.