Sunday, September 7, 2008

More Iceland

B is back, and I finally had some time to look through all his photos from the trip. Iceland really looks like an amazing place. B will be posting geologic photos to a new blog he is getting ready, but I'm still posting some of his photos here.

Doesn't this look like an Icelandic troll coming up out of the moss-covered lava field?

Here you can see lava formations sticking out of the water right along the mid-atlantic ridge as it approaches the island.

One of many glaciers.

Icelandic horse.

Icelandic sheep.

Geysir--the oldest known geyser.

A few people hoping to see Geysir erupt (good luck!).

Strokkur is a lot more reliable.

What a beautiful place! I'm glad B had the chance to go.


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Angela said...

What beautiful country. Too bad you couldn't tag along with B. I guess our traveling days lie in the future, and we can use our imaginations in the meantime.

Kendra said...

Neat pictures! That's great Ben got to go!