Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The grass is always greener...

These pictures on the Moscow Daily Photo blog last week really caught my attention. For one thing, it's still so green there. For another thing, I have been to Alexandrovsky Garden many times, but for me it has always been either covered in snow or brown and lifeless.

I've been to Russia twice, living there as a student, and both times I went during Winter Semester. Why do I punish myself like this? Who in her right mind would choose to go to Russia when it is coldest, darkest, dreariest?

(And now I'm living in Idaho! At least I get to enjoy the summer here...)

Oh, how I would love to explore Russia without having to wear heavy layers and snow boots! If I ever go back to Russia, I need to make sure I'm there in the summer.

M & B on a cold January day in Moscow, 1996

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Animal Shelter

My kids love animals. As for me, I like them, but I'm not crazy about having pets. Anyway, we're renting right now and can't have a pet. So instead, we've agreed to volunteer at the local animal shelter occasionally to play with the animals there.

The shelter is close to the Nature Park, so we can take the dogs out to walk at the park when we go.

C needed to do an outdoor service project for cub scouts, so the kids also picked up trash around the park as they walked the dog.

They had a great time!