Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The grass is always greener...

These pictures on the Moscow Daily Photo blog last week really caught my attention. For one thing, it's still so green there. For another thing, I have been to Alexandrovsky Garden many times, but for me it has always been either covered in snow or brown and lifeless.

I've been to Russia twice, living there as a student, and both times I went during Winter Semester. Why do I punish myself like this? Who in her right mind would choose to go to Russia when it is coldest, darkest, dreariest?

(And now I'm living in Idaho! At least I get to enjoy the summer here...)

Oh, how I would love to explore Russia without having to wear heavy layers and snow boots! If I ever go back to Russia, I need to make sure I'm there in the summer.

M & B on a cold January day in Moscow, 1996

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Angela said...

I have a feeling that even the summer would be chilly for me. Dan would love it though. I like your new photo for the blog. I also like your idea to have your kids help out at the animal shelter -- it benefits all involved. So far my kids just have battery-powered pets.