Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Elk farm

Photo from National Geographic

We went for a drive Sunday, to explore some of our area a little (because who knows, maybe we'll actually buy a house here eventually, and while we like living within walking distance of the university, we want to see what it's like outside of town too--it might be fun to live there). Anyway, we were driving around some of the rural parts of our community, not very far away, when we saw a huge corral with a big herd of elk. Right across the street from a new residential development. I guess elk farms are big in Idaho. This NY Times article says there are 78 of them in Idaho, while they are illegal in Montana and Wyoming for fear of contaminating wild elk populations. People will pay $6000 to hunt an elk on one of these ranches. Personally, I prefer seeing elk in the wild. It was awesome to watch a small herd running through a river in Yellowstone last summer. The herd in the corral we saw on Sunday just looked so out of place.

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