Friday, February 27, 2009

The Little Travelers

We finally had a chance to watch The Little Travelers Japan DVD last weekend, and the vote is unanimous at our house--we love it! I'd been wanting to see these DVDs since I heard about them and I was not disappointed. Since we don't get to travel as much as we'd like right now, we plan to get more of these DVDs--they are fun to watch, especially for the kids, and bring back great memories of past family trips and adventures. So far in addition to Japan you can see their adventures in Bali, the British Isles, Iran (the DVD is almost done, I think), and they are on their way to Germany to film another trip.

I think these shows are great on so many levels. For us, obviously, we love to travel, and have been traveling with young kids for a long time. The DVDs are narrated by the children, and do such a great job showing how wonderful and magical it can be to experience new places and make new friends. It's great to see young kids eating and enjoying new and unusual (to us) foods. (And I am positive that it's no coincidence that at dinner after watching this, our pickiest eater S requested some Chourico and Peppers and happily told us all that she liked it!)

And more than ever, we all really want to visit Japan someday! But regardless of whether we will actually visit these places ourselves, it was fun watching the experiences the girls had there, and we enjoyed learning a little more about Japanese culture.

You can see trailers for the DVDs here, and read their blog here.

You can join the Little Traveler Flickr groups and upload your own photos to the groups for a chance to win a DVD for yourself (winners are chosen periodically). See details here:

Family travel photo contest

Global crafts, activities and celebrations photo contest


Kristin said...

Those look like fun!

Angela said...

Dan and I really want to visit Japan someday. I'm not sure about taking the kids though -- but if the DVD helps inspire trying new foods, I want one! Nathan wouldn't even eat the hot dog and tater tots from school lunch yesterday -- I guess he traded another kid for cookies and juice.