Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy things

Panorama from B's field trip to Western Utah in March

We are all elated that B is done with teaching night classes for a while. (Of course, he was teaching the night classes by choice to begin with, and it was a good thing, it's just going to be so nice to have him home more!)

We are to the point that I feel comfortable going to the library as a family again--baby and all--which has been great.

Our snow is melting again (hooray!), but we've enjoyed some of the crazy weather lately--S and C loved playing outside in a hailstorm not long ago.

We had visitors last month and got to see my adorable new niece.

And just for fun, a rainbow cake we made for St. Patricks Day and to celebrate the end of our weather unit in cub scouts!


Kendra said...

Cool cake! I'll have to remember that for next St. Patrick's Day! I hope you get warm spring weather soon!

Lucy said...

It was delicious! We sure enjoyed out visit.