Friday, May 15, 2009


When we moved into the house we're renting, there were lots of dandelions in the yard. We spent time digging out a lot of the weeds just because we wanted to. But we never could get all of them. Then last spring and summer the dandelions were back. We didn't have quite as much time and energy to deal with the dandelions--I was pregnant, then I had a new baby who took up all my time. B was away on field trips and to conferences most of the summer. He did mow the lawn occasionally, but digging dandelions wasn't at the top of our priority list.

Now the dandelions are really back. So, I've tried digging up some. (Even though it's still too cold outside for me. And too windy. If it were warmer I'd be out there a lot more.) There's one part of the backyard that is just covered in dandelions now. If this were our house I would probably dig up that whole area and turn it back into a garden.

The dandelions are pretty, though. I guess we could try making dandelion fritters or something...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Projects and performances

We have been busy, non-stop, for the last couple of months it seems... Science fairs, school plays, sicknesses, swim lessons, a big birthday, and all the other usual things. Oh, and we bought a house, too. Things have been a little crazy.

The 4th graders at C's school have been studying the Lewis and Clark expedition as part of social studies this year, and in April they put on a musical, The Adventures of Lewis & Clark, which was fun. C loved learning about the expedition, and we're planning to visit part of the trail when we drive to Portland for a conference this fall. Here's a very short clip from the opening song of the play:

Later in April, K, along with the Children's Musical Theatre, performed "The Elephant's Child," from Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories. K did an outstanding job as the sly Crocodile. Here's a short clip featuring Miss K in the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River:

(They've performed the show 4 times, and will do it once more next week.)

This month S had her turn to perform--the kindergarten put on a play about the Three Little Pigs. S was one of the narrators, and she did a great job! I don't have a video clip of this one, but here's a photo of S during the play (wearing a dress and pinafore my Mom made for me when I was in kindergarten):

This week we had choir concerts for both C and K, tomorrow is field day at the elementary school for C and S, next week is C's 2nd science fair, and later this month will be S's ballet recital. Meanwhile, we're packing to get ready to move into our house in June. It will be nice when all of this is over!