Friday, May 15, 2009


When we moved into the house we're renting, there were lots of dandelions in the yard. We spent time digging out a lot of the weeds just because we wanted to. But we never could get all of them. Then last spring and summer the dandelions were back. We didn't have quite as much time and energy to deal with the dandelions--I was pregnant, then I had a new baby who took up all my time. B was away on field trips and to conferences most of the summer. He did mow the lawn occasionally, but digging dandelions wasn't at the top of our priority list.

Now the dandelions are really back. So, I've tried digging up some. (Even though it's still too cold outside for me. And too windy. If it were warmer I'd be out there a lot more.) There's one part of the backyard that is just covered in dandelions now. If this were our house I would probably dig up that whole area and turn it back into a garden.

The dandelions are pretty, though. I guess we could try making dandelion fritters or something...

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Kristin said...

Good luck with those dandelions. Or just love the yellow. :P

That is exciting you are moving into a new house! Did you find something you love?