Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer begins

School is out, and we're enjoying the warm weather we've had for the last few weeks. Last Sunday I wanted to get out of the house, but didn't feel like walking around our neighborhood, so we went for a drive to somewhere in the middle of nowhere, away from houses and cars and people... It was fun. One thing I wish we had here is better places for walking and biking/rollerblading. In Rhode Island we had a great bike path through the forest and lots of beautiful beaches. In Al Ain we had awesome dunes to climb, and wadis to explore, all just a few blocks from our home. Here there's just not much. But sometimes it's fun to drive out in the country and just see what we can see. We stopped at a little cemetery and walked around, enjoying the peaceful quiet. Then we drove a little more before coming home.

We've been digging up piles of dandelions in our spare time. We're almost out of time now, but we tried our best to make the yard a little better than it was.

We've already started moving our stacks of boxes to the new house. We should be moved in this weekend. It will be great to have more space. Living in this little rental hasn't been too bad, except that we had become accustomed to living in an oversized luxury villa in the UAE, and we now have way too much furniture and stuff, which made this little house feel even more cramped. It's funny, because in Al Ain we never had enough furniture for our huge villa. For the first two years there B and I didn't even have a bed--just a mattress on the shiny marble floor. S's huge bedroom suite had only a crib in it for a very long time. (We were just out of grad school and needed to save money.) I miss that beautiful villa... But it will be nice to have our own place here, even if it's not as big, new, or luxurious as our home in Al Ain.


Amira said...

I loved to just drive off in any direction when I was in your town. It only took a few minutes to get away from anything.

Have fun in your new house!

Lucy said...

The kids look so cute! It is always amazing how kids find something fun to do no matter what the parents are up to.

Shari said...

I remember driving down the famous Pole Line Road because of he lack of something to do in the Burg. Funny thing there wasn't much going on out there either. What can I say paradise at its best. Enjoy the few days of summer left, it will be snowing soon. did you hear , we are leaving the UAE (transfer) and going to IOWA. All I states just love me.