Friday, September 11, 2009

Orchestra, instruments, and lessons...

I took last year off from orchestra, because of the baby, but I'm rejoining this year, and our first rehearsal was Wednesday. It was so nice to be back in orchestra again, with a great conductor and beautiful music. I was planning on sitting in the 2nd violin section this time, because really I'm an amateur and feel more comfortable there. But that section was full when I got there, and there were only two 1st violins, so I guess I'll be playing 1st again. Luckily, one of the pieces I've played before--a long time ago, but my fingers somehow seem to remember it, and the others aren't too difficult. I'll need to put in a lot more time practicing than I would if I were playing 2nd, but it will be ok.

For our next concert we're playing some Sibelius, some Copeland, and a clarinet concerto by Weber. This is going to be a fun concert. :)

C has just started 5th grade at the middle school, which means he gets to choose a music track--choir, band, or orchestra. He chose band, and yesterday picked up his choice of instrument--trombone! (His first choice was xylophone, but percussion instruments aren't allowed yet.) He is really excited, and I'm sure he's going to do well with it, but I admit I never pictured one of my kids playing trombone. (What can I say--I'm a violinist.) :)

S has been asking me about piano lessons, and I want to find her a teacher. I could try teaching her myself, but I think she'll do a lot better with someone else.

K loves being in choir, and wants to stay there, although she tells me she wants to learn flute, too. I wish she could do both choir and band, and skip other classes like computers, but oh well. I might try to find her a private teacher for flute, we'll see...