Monday, October 26, 2009

Portland, Oregon

We spent a few days in Portland last week, while B was at a conference. It was a great trip for us--the first chance B and I have had to relax and just have fun in a really long time. Western Oregon and Washington are beautiful--we had never been there before, although we'd heard a lot about the Northwest from many people. This time of year is especially impressive, too--in addition to the lush green moss, ferns, and pine trees, there are the gorgeous yellows and reds and oranges of fall.

I had so much fun driving around Portland and visiting parks and museums with the kids while B was busy with his conference.

S at the International Rose Test Garden

One afternoon B joined us for a drive to the coast. It had been over 2 years since we'd seen the ocean--unbelievable. (Excluding B and his field trips to Iceland and Hawaii, that is... the rest of us had been totally landlocked. )

This was also baby N's first ocean experience--something of a rite of passage in our family (all the others have been at the ocean within the first few months (if not weeks) of their lives, so she was long overdue).

We were extremely lucky with clear sunny skies both at the beach and the next day when we drove up into Washington to see Mount St. Helens.

It was all wonderful. I would be happy to live in Portland. And I've realized I need to make sure we visit the ocean more often, and travel to new places more often. It does all of us so much good.


Kristin said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. Wish we were closer so we could explore with you! Glad you had such a great time. I miss the ocean too. Next summer we plan on going camping at least once along Lake Michigan. Want to join us?

Amira said...

I've loved fall in the northwest this year and last year. I'm glad you got to have such a great trip!

mj said...

Thanks, Kristin and Amira. It was a great trip--we loved it.

Kristin, that sounds fun, although a little far from us... I wish you were closer too!

Lucy said...
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Lucy said...

I love what I have seen of the Pacific Northwest also. It looks like Portland is a beautiful place. The kids sure look like they're having a wonderful time.

. RaCHeL . aXeL . said...

The landscape looks amazing! Fall is beautiful and those are great pics. It makes me want to move to Oregon :)

I understand about missing the ocean, I try to make it at last once a year, but haven't so far this year... (maybe in Japan?)

Hooray for the last of the 'oceancrew' to make her seaside debut!

(Now that I started blogging I finally realized that I can comment on your blog instead of e-mailing comments)

Kendra said...

Trips are the best! I'm glad you guys went with B! Yea for traveling! said...

Great pictures of Oregon! I lived in Portland briefly and loved the aura that it has. I've always been tempted to move back.

You have a knack for taking photos. They are pleasing to the eye.

非凡 said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

Karen Siddiqi said...

Stumbled on your blog - beautiful pictures!

mj said...

Thanks, everyone!

Heather said...

That's awesome you all got to go out there for the conference! It's so beautiful I would love living somewhere like that, but I hate being cold!