Monday, January 25, 2010

Ice skating

K and C first tried ice skating in Al Ain. There were at least 2 nice indoor rinks there. S was a little too small there, but for the past two years she has been wanting me to take her ice skating. Last winter I wimped out, because the only ice rinks here are outdoors, and it was really cold, and I had a small baby.... But this year we finally did it--I signed all 3 big kids up for skating lessons at our town's little outdoor rink. They're all really enjoying it, even though (or possibly because) the rink is a bit unkempt. :)

Back in Al Ain:

B helping K and C learn to skate at the Al Ain Mall
three years ago


Lucy said...

Great pictures of fun times with the cute grandkids!

Kendra said...

How fun to go ice skating together!

Lucy said...

K is a beautiful young woman.