Monday, September 27, 2010

Wild huckleberries

Just before school began, we had a day to go look for wild huckleberries.  We knew that they are found in the mountains of Idaho, but we didn't  know exactly where.  (And apparently, no one in Idaho shares that kind of information.)  B had some vague directions to a general area they could be found in, but I wasn't sure we'd find any.  We didn't even know what the plants would look like.  But our optimism prevailed, because we set out to find huckleberries anyway.

We drove through some nearby mountains, and every time we saw a bush with berries, we would stop to investigate--but after several unsuccessful stops, things weren't looking very good.  Finally, we found some berries that looked like they might be huckleberries, but the taste wasn't quite right, like they were unripe or something.  I was tired of driving, and so were the kids, so we decided to just go for a walk and see what we could find on foot.  We found more bushes of the possibly-unripe-huckleberries.  S and N started picking these and putting them in their baskets just for fun.  Then, not far away, B found a whole patch of honest-to-goodness wild huckleberries.  They were ripe, and they were delicious.  We spent some time there picking berries, and filled up a basket to bring home. 

If anyone wants to pick huckleberries next year let us know--we'll be glad to share our patch.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


For those who don't know, we almost moved to Hawaii this year.  We tried to sell our house (the one we just bought).  (What can we say?)  I guess it's going to have to wait a while.  Because I can't imagine B not ending up there eventually--volcanoes AND ocean--a match made in heaven for B. 

In the meantime, we still have volcanoes.