Thursday, September 16, 2010


For those who don't know, we almost moved to Hawaii this year.  We tried to sell our house (the one we just bought).  (What can we say?)  I guess it's going to have to wait a while.  Because I can't imagine B not ending up there eventually--volcanoes AND ocean--a match made in heaven for B. 

In the meantime, we still have volcanoes.


Kristin said...

Hawaii would be so fun. I hope your house sells soon! Are your kids enjoying school this year?

mj said...

Thanks, Kristin!

They are enjoying school. It's kind of funny this year--we have one at the junior high, one at the middle school, one in elementary, and one still at home. It almost makes me miss our school in Al Ain that had everyone K-12 on a single campus! :)

How are you guys?

.rachel. said...

This just gives you a little more time to explore the wide open U.S. - and you get to have another white Christmas before you head off to island life in the future.

Where did you find that sign? Kind of ironic :)

Plus you're easier to visit (than Hawaii would have been) so I'll have to make a trip up there when I get back and see the beautiful Rocky mountains! And of course my beautiful and crazy nieces and nephew!

Lucy said...

Hawaii would be a nice location for all of you if it all comes together.

mj said...

Rachel, the sign is at a rest area/geologic site along I-15. If you come up here you can stop there and walk on the trails.