Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Searching for snow

We're finally getting some snow in Eastern Idaho, and I've realized how wonderful it was that we didn't have to deal with this weather last month when we were moving.  My oldest daughter wanted a really snowy winter, since it's our last winter for who knows how long... but I'm glad it has been pretty mild so far (by E. Idaho standards, anyway).  It will still be cold and we'll get snowstorms until June, but it's not an intensely cold/snowy winter, which is great.

Driving on Teton Pass

We've had some car problems this month, which is not so fun, and makes me miss wonderful Al Ain, where if you don't have a car you can just walk out to the street and get a cheap taxi anytime.  Luckily, our car was fixed, and we were able to make a trip to beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where there is plenty of snow for all to enjoy.  (One of the best things about being in Eastern Idaho is that we can visit Jackson and the Tetons.)  B had been wanting to take us on a sleigh ride at the National Elk Refuge, while I wanted to take the kids snowshoeing somewhere--we were able to do both and it was a fun and much-needed getaway.

A pair of bull elk on the National Elk Refuge

C and S watching one of the elk herds

One of the horse-drawn sleighs on the refuge

N trying out her snowshoes

Setting off on snowshoes in the Gros Ventre Slide area

S exploring the trail

 I do love visiting Jackson Hole....