Thursday, May 24, 2012

Islamic arts

On our way to southern Utah, we stopped to see a special exhibit on the "Arts of Islamic Culture" at BYU's Museum of Art.  (This was the main reason I went along on the trip, I have to admit.)

The exhibit is really well done--it was nice to see works of Islamic art from so many parts of the world and different time periods, and to learn a little more about how the writing, art, architecture, and design are all tied together through Islamic culture and belief.

It's a beautiful collection--I miss not living in a place where I can see elements of Islamic art on a daily basis, as we did in the UAE, so it was a very welcome experience for me.  I'm happy that I can still read Arabic, a little--I wish I had learned more while I was living in the Middle East (because it's a lot harder to carve out time for it here)--my vocabulary is so limited.  K and C have forgotten a lot, which I think is sad, but they don't seem to mind.

After the exhibit we visited the interactive Education Pavilion inside the museum, which was also wonderful.

Astrolabe activity in the Education Pavilion

Puzzle activity in the Education Pavilion

Tree of Wishes in the Education Pavilion

Arabic alphabet iPad activity in the Education Pavilion


Lucy said...

Wow! What a wonderful exhibit!

Kendra | Our Homemade Happiness said...

Thanks for the new posts! I always like seeing the fun things you guys are up to.